A beginning of music as beginning which not yet is Music.
This beginning happens in an indetermined field where pure incidence may turn into coincidence - (something) occurs.
Much later Music and Discourse would follow.

Communication systems - language, notation - endure an intrinsic tension between the institutionally established system and their nature: No second use of a sign or a word has remained the same - words and language have already changed, permanentely they differ (their inherent quality of iteration allows language to become what it is).
So, the precision of a kind of notation becomes a lack of precision because, notation is permanentely differing, and emerging through a contextual proliferation.

When I'm hearing the sounding of the world, I sense a beginning of music touching me, transparently, without imposition on but immersion in the world.
Inclusion. Cheerfulness. By sensing and experiencing the vertiginous infinity of mere occurence, something like dignity in the relation to the world would appear.

The Score - a sheet of paper.
The plane of the score, be a field of incidence - unassignable unpredictability.
Not unlike the performance moment: its inherently environmental drift merely incides - and then, performance moment and environmental drift coincide.
Insects, plants, geographies have begun to populate my scores – a whole flora and fauna is emerging through the plane of the score.
The degré zéro of both a score and a performance is not an accurately prepared blank situation, but in fact is the world.

The moment of a score.
Onto that plane of the score, the world is reflecting its abundance, and the lighter the sheet of paper has been inflected by our wish, the more lucidly the reflection of the world on this sheet of paper is manifested. Each letter marks our wish, and therefore inflects the world’s reflection onto the score.
Wishes incline to the production of monuments. The letters in the score tend to both represent our wishes and produce monuments.
So, there is a precise though chaotically indeterminable economy both of letters and their impact in the world.

Words, a score, a performer, a place, a listener, they all are permanently drifting – drifting along, they meet contingently as part of the world’s abundance. Meeting contingently they actualize their potentiality and, permanently become what their drift implies.

Language seems to happen as uninterrupted speech without corresponding reply. Not unlike birds we hear and sing - though we intend to talk to each other. Not unlike birds we adjust ourselves every day to what we come across. There is in a beautiful moment that which has been called the event - not only that of a single work but - of the Écriture.

Written in March 2009 and published in: John Lely and James Saunders, Word Events, Perspectives on Verbal Notation, Continuum 2012